Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#JUNEkyard sketches by valleyDweller (#MonthofMax for #AlphaSketch)

"So I've been going through the English alphabet with an ink drawing for each letter, each month, switching the theme. I couldn't resist doing 26 Mad Max: Fury Road fan art pieces. Other than #AlphaSketch, I've been trying to come up with a hashtag for each series, and this one is month six, so I'm filing these under #JUNEkyard.

Most are done during my commute to or from work, stuck on the train for an hour. I sometimes sneak in some polish time during lunch or at home. They're all 6x6" bristol with Pentel brush pen and correction fluid pens."
-shared Jeremy Dale AKA valleyDweller (Artwork featured here today are the first 7; A to G).
We've previously seen Jeremy's works featured for #Inktober 2014 and his custom works, and I am utterly jazzed that he had chosen to initiate drawing themes for himself with this!

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