Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mad Max Name Generator

...just call me "Master Dealgood" ... :p

Keh Choon Wee Does Mad Max Fury Road

Artworks by local artist Keh Choon Wee featuring denizens of Fury Road "Furiosa" (above), "Nux" and "The Vuvalinis" (the rock-n-roll grannies on motorbikes!) - done for the Mad Max Fury Road contest on Art Jammers SG on Facebook. Caught the movie yesterday, loved it to bits! Here's hoping K makes these fanart into prints or include it in his annual sketchbook!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Start your engines…

I don't know how to adequately describe watching Mad Max Fury Road … it's like having a part of the gnawing emptiness I feel within me suddenly flooded with tears of salvation, drowning in joyous aplomb, back of the neck since branded with a smiley face by an invisible red hot poker, hence redeeming whatever lost hope I had of my reel soul.

On this day, I start thee madmaxwww, to share my joy(s) with fellow survivors out there … Start your engines…